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Why get a Pre-Listing Certified Home Inspection?…

Because inspections, before or during the listing can lead to more qualified prospective buyers along with an earlier successful sale. Studies show that homes in good condition sell faster and for a higher percentage of the original listing price.

A sellers inspection is also known as a Pre-Listing Inspection, but can be performed during the listing as well. Through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (Internachi) the largest home inspection organization in the world has developed the “Move In Certified” program.

Home inspections as per studies, take place in over 80% of home sales today. Conducting the inspection ahead of time has the seller adding value that actually benefits them in a number of way:

• Repairing / Replacing items before or during listing helps the home look better and sell easier.

• It gives the seller a chance to identify problem areas and repair items at their convenience while shopping for reasonably priced contractor bids for repairs.

• The report can help the seller realistically price the home if problems exist or have been corrected, thus taking it off the table as a negotiating tool by the buyer against the seller while also helping to reduce the time on the market.

• The seller inspection report provides a third party, unbiased opinion to offer to potential buyers, giving them reassurance with the detailed report.

• A “Move I’m Certified” home offers additional marketing of the home to attract qualified buyers.

• A seller inspection is the ultimate gesture in forthrightness on the part of the seller and provides full disclosure protection from future legal claims.

• It can prevent unexpected issues from delaying or derailing a closing.

• The sellers inspection helps cut down on 11th hour negotiations that can surface.

• A pre listing inspection will help cut down on buyers getting cold feet.

The pre listing or sellers inspection gives buyers a better idea of where they stand and what, if any repairs or additional work is needed. It can also help sellers fend off unrealistic demands by buyers for cost of repairs. Studies show that buyers expect a 2 or 3 dollar price reduction for every 1 dollar of defects turned up by a buyers inspection report. With their own report sellers can decide, for example to spend a thousand dollars on certain repairs that may mushroom up to thousands of dollars in price reduction demands. Having the sellers inspection and doing the repairs from it thus reduces time and saves money and relieves tensions of possible unfriendly negotiations. According to Real Estate professionals across the country sellers inspections are increasing over the last few years and are helping sale move faster and smoother. Buyers would like to just move into their new home without repairs or surprises, so a seller inspection along with the repairs and/or disclosure will make a home more appealing for many buyers.